Try adding two hearts

Try adding two hearts

Hazrat Mu-mu’minin (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “It is not from our people or our ways or our loved ones, or we are unaware of it, not of our popular people, it does not mean that they are our nation or our nation.” Not because of sin, it is not a disbeliever. Mu’minin al-mu’minah, 6/560) Mu’mini writes under this Hadith: There are many ways to corrupt husband’s wife: to explain the evil of the husband to the woman, to show the qualities of other men, because the heart of the woman is as weak as a shepherd. It is permissible to make a magic interpretation to distinguish them, and it is permissible to destroy the slave or female slave, if they want to run away, they should help them, but they should have two hearts. Try to pair

So the income tax revenue for crop earnings

(I.e. that has come to create a pair does not come to create break.)

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