The Two Rabbits Story, About The Two Rabbits

The Two Rabbits Story About The Two Rabbits

Once upon a time, there were two rabbits. One was named Yiji and the second name was full. According to his name, the voice was wise and the blameless fool was as stupid as his name.Both had deep friendships. One day he felt very much like eating carrots and he immediately went in search of them.

Whentheywalked some distance, they saw two carrots sideways. Large carrots were placed on top of a carrot while the other leaves were quite small.

Fluffy ran near a large leaf carrot without raising it and began to pull it out, saying, this one is mine, this is mine

YG smiled at her movements and said, “OK brother, take it, I take this bigger man?

And when he washed the carrot, he was really bigger than the carrot of the foil.

Seeing this, he was surprised, he said, “But the leaves of my carrots were quite big!”

“You can not guess the size of carrot by looking at the leaves!”, YG explained.

Both friends went ahead after carrot chat.

At a distance, they again saw two carrots.

Fluffy said, “Go this time you choose your carrot first.”

Yiji went to both the carrier alternately and carefully looked at them … He touched his leaves and after some time sniffing, he chose a large leaf carrot.

Why did you choose this little carrot this time?

I have chosen not only small carrots! YG responded.

And indeed this time too, the carrot of Yiji was bigger.

He became angry and said, “But you said that the carrots grow bigger and the carrots are small!”

“No-no, I just said so that you can not guess the shape of carrot by looking at the leaves! It is important to think before thinking about any election. “

Phuli got ready and then both took pleasure in carrot and went ahead …

For the third time, they also saw carrots with two different sized leaves.

Some of the swollen faces seemed confused, he could not understand what he would do. Then Yiji told him that he could choose his carrot before.

The poor puff grows slowly and pretends to observe the carrots, it does not understand which carrot chooses. He looks down on the wiz of despair.

The WG smiles and jumps up to the gazers. He sees them carefully and then overcomes a carrot.

Fooled silence starts moving towards the other carrot, then Yiji stops it, saying, “No, it is blossomed, this carrot is yours.”

“But you have chosen it and it must be bigger than the other one. I do not know how you do this, maybe you are more intelligent than me. “

On this, YG paused his hand and said,

What is the benefit of that wisdom that I can not help my friend … You are my friend and I want you to eat these carrots. An intelligent rabbit who is full of stomach but has no friends … will it be called really wise?

“Right said!”, Phuli embraced her and said, “Embracing her

And then both the friends returned to their homes happily carrot account-accounts.

Friends, the skills that God has given us, the right use of them is that they work in the help of others. Only people who work for their benefit can have money … not happiness! So if there is someone whose life can be better with your help, then help her.Friends.If you like it then please share it! Thanks

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