Unique story of lion and rabbit jackal

Unique story of lion and rabbit jackal

Friends used to be a strong lion in dense forests years ago. He used to fill his stomach everyday by hunting,

One day he was returning to his cave by hunting and feeding a buffalo, and then on the way, he found a deadly crier, Shear bowed her prostrating and worshiped him The lion was astonished, When the lion asked him the reason for doing so, he said, “You are a king and are very strong, I want to be your servant, please take me in your shelter, I will serve you and I will pass through the prey you have left. The lion was happy with what he said and he believed in the things of Zair and obeyed him and made friends with him and kept him in his shelter, In a few days, the jackal was eaten by the lion and it became very thick and thick.

Jackal sees the power of the lion, and seeing the lion’s power every day, he started to think himself too powerful. He also considered himself a lion’s paradox.

One day, he said to the lion, ‘Friend, I too have become as powerful as you, and today I will be hunting for an elephant and I will feed him and leave his remaining meat for you.

The lion used to think that cairr as your friend, so he did not feel bad about his talk, but explained to the elderly that he must not make such a mistake. Prevented him from hunting the elephant. But the jackal became very arrogant. He was living in his own illusion.He stood on the top of the mountain, rejecting the advice of Sankar Singh. From there he looked at the sight and saw a group of elephants under the mountain.

After seeing them, he jumped over a large elephant by placing the sound three times, but he did not fall on the head of the elephant and fell on his feet and the elephant kept moving his fore feet on his head after moving his mastic. In the moment, the head of the jackal shattered. Ziyar died at the same time.

The lion was watching everything from above the mountain. Seeing all the activities of the Ziyar, he thought to himself, ‘There are those who are stupid and hot, they are the same speed..

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Friends should never boast in life, because pride and stupidity are very deep. History is witness that the reason for the decline of the powerful and powerful people was their pride.

Friends again with the next story thanks for reading?

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