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What do you do if you are heartbroken?


12 o’clock at night .. was going to sleep, got a call from my girlfriend on mobile

Girlfriend: – Hello, Atul … 😉

Me: – yes, tell

Girlfriend: – One thing to tell you.

Me: – Say yes, yes, what’s the matter?

Girlfriend: – Don’t get me wrong, Atul. I do not love you anymore, someone else. I have been trying to tell for a long time, but I did not dare ……!

Me: – what? What are you talking about, what has happened to you?

Girlfriend: – Yes, I will never be able to talk to you now.

Forget me …! 😟

Me: – How can you love someone else?

Girlfriend: – I do not know how it is done, but now it is true.

What should I do?

Me: – well ..

Girlfriend: – I am going now.

Me: – Okay.


After some time he blocked me from everywhere. I thought I would definitely teach him a lesson. Heartbroken. Was not able to sleep well overnight. Woke up in the morning took 10 rupees from mother and went to the market. 5 rupees favvik and 5 rupees jalebi..khariidi (ate in the happiness of the breakup).

Came home from the market, opened the pack of favikwik and put it wherever the heart was broken. Then my heart joined. 4


His message came after one year. He told that he was going to get married. He said to me, can you come to my wedding? Why did I not say Pagli. I go 15 km on foot to another’s wedding and bhandara.

Then what..

“The game that was lost due to my emotion”,

“Chura had brought Gulab Jamun from the same procession”.

I have done all this. Gulab Jamun was stolen and took revenge.

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