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what goes around comes around

what goes around comes around

Hazrat Maulana Jalaluddin Romi, Rahmani al-Qawi, wrote a lesson in Antonya Sharif that a person who eats a clay to buy sugar from a shop, the shopkeeper said that my soil is of dust, if approved. To give it to you? Hearing this, the customer said: I mean thanks, whether any other part

Talk to Then the shopkeeper went to the shop to thank you, and the littering litter started licking the soil, as well as she was scared even though the shopkeeper did not know that I was harming it. On the other hand, the shopkeeper had seen it eating dust and deliberately delaying thanksgiving as much as he could eat. So much weight would be reduced and he would get grateful amount and when he went home, he would give thanks. I will find out that in fact it has hurt itself. (Masculine Mawlawi Maniwani, Office IV, p. 71,72)

Sweet sweet Islamic brother! It is no doubt that this world is a place of worship and the next world will be rewarded in the Hereafter. I also get a reward, to get good or bad returns to us as “fill the same way as we do,” as we will. “,” As will sow as they sow “and” ” In Arabic, ‘Kama Shaghan Tadan’ ‘,’ ‘Balkal Alzhi Tantal is Lakshal’ ‘and in English,’ ‘As you sow so will you reap’ ‘ Comes

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