Age or experience? Unveiling Biden’s secret weapon in his re-election campaign

Age or experience? Unveiling Biden’s secret weapon in his re-election campaign

President Joe Biden turned 81 years old, and his age has become a delicate topic in his reelection campaign. Reports indicate that during a meeting with fundraisers, when addressing the growing concerns of donors and voters about the president’s advanced age, campaign deputy director Quentin Fulks emphasized the historic achievements obtained during Biden’s first term.

A Democratic donor revealed that the strategy seems to be to ignore the issue, treating questions about the president’s age as irrelevant. This approach has not convinced many donors, fundraisers, and Democratic strategists, who believe it might not be the best way to handle what appears to be the president’s biggest vulnerability.

On the other hand, Biden’s allies and family members are concerned that despite being mentally sharp, the president may appear frail. There have been discussions about limiting his walking appearances in front of cameras and switching to more comfortable footwear to minimize the risk of falls.

Some suggest that the campaign should embrace Biden’s age as a symbol of wisdom in turbulent times, ironically using the nickname ‘Grandpa Joe’. Ron Klain, who served as Joe Biden’s chief of staff during his first two years in the White House, emphasizes the importance of highlighting Biden’s wisdom and experience, especially in his handling of the situation with Ukraine.

While Biden faces constant criticism for his age, 77-year-old Donald Trump seems to escape similar scrutiny. Democratic donor Alan Kessler points out that no one mentions Trump’s age. This is reflected in the polls, where 70% of potential voters in six key states consider Biden too old to be an effective president, compared to only 39% who think the same of Trump, according to a New York Times-Siena College survey.

On his birthday, Biden had a normal workday at the White House, which included the traditional “pardon” ceremony for two turkeys, Liberty and Bell, as part of the Thanksgiving preparations. First Lady Jill Biden oversaw the arrival of the White House Christmas tree, accompanied by military families. The Bidens already participated in a Thanksgiving event, a dinner with service members at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.

The celebrations for the president’s birthday will likely be private, with the Biden family gathering in Nantucket for the Thanksgiving dinner. The president and the first lady are expected to depart for Massachusetts tomorrow.