Breaking news: Israel’s shocking revelation amid Gaza crisis!

Breaking news: Israel’s shocking revelation amid Gaza crisis!

Israel has contacted the families of some of the Israelis abducted by Hamas.

“We have updated 60 families of the abducted,” said military spokesman Daniel Hagari, adding that the army has set up a hotline for the relatives of the abducted to receive updates and provide new testimonies. “We are heading towards an increase in attacks towards the Gaza Strip,” Hagari had said. “The top priority is to eliminate Hamas commanders.” The scale of the attack launched on Saturday “shows that they did not plan an attack followed by a withdrawal but wanted to gain ground. The activity of our air force has restored control of the situation.”

“So far, we have counted 1,000 terrorist corpses, and hundreds of others remain along the separation barrier.”

Rocket attacks from Gaza have resumed in southern Israel. According to reports, a building near the border in Sderot was hit. No casualties have been reported at this time.

Palestinian sources have stated that Israeli attacks have destroyed the home of the so-called mastermind behind Hamas attacks on Israel, Mohammed Deif, in Gaza, killing his brother and family members, including his son. However, there is no news of the strategist himself. Other relatives of Deif are reportedly trapped in the rubble of the building in the southern Gaza Strip.

Gaza will be without electricity around 14:00 local time, as Jalal Ismail of the Gaza Energy Authority reported. “The power plant will stop operating completely today at 14:00 due to the exhaustion of the necessary fuel quantity to keep it running,” Ismail stated. Earlier, the president of the Palestinian Energy Authority, Thafer Melhem, estimated that Gaza had between 10 and 12 hours of electricity remaining.

Israel. Night attacks

At least 30 people were killed in overnight Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, as reported by Hamas through the media. The death toll in Gaza now stands at 950, with around 5,000 injured. Israeli forces targeted 450 locations belonging to Hamas and other Palestinian groups. In Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, 80 targets were hit, including two banks used by Hamas, a tunnel, and two operational centers.


Meanwhile, the Biden administration is coordinating with other countries to create a corridor that allows civilians in Gaza and Americans who want to escape the war to do so, as reported by Nbc, citing sources. According to these sources, the corridor would be south of Gaza and lead to Egypt.

300,000 Israeli soldiers deployed at the border

The Israeli army claims that around 300,000 soldiers are currently stationed near the Gaza Strip for the war against Hamas. “What we are doing in these areas near the Gaza Strip is that we have sent and deployed our infantry, our armored soldiers, our artillery corps, and many other reserve soldiers: 300,000 in total,” explained Jonathan Conricus, the spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). “And this is to ensure that Hamas, at the end of this war, will have no military capability to threaten or kill Israeli civilians,” added the IDF lieutenant colonel.