Royal dilemma: King Charles III’s unmasked emotions

Royal dilemma: King Charles III’s unmasked emotions
Charles III

Carlos’s concerns on the throne of England are evident, as he fails to hide his emotions. On November 10, 2023, during the opening ceremony of Parliament, the radical change in Carlos’s life was reflected, a transformation to which the King still seems to have not fully adapted.

Carlos III delivered his first speech as King during the opening ceremony of Parliament on November 7, 2023. That day, along with his ascent to the throne and his coronation, was one of the most significant in his life. The image of Carlos wearing the Imperial Crown of State on his head, carrying out his institutional functions, not only symbolizes the power of the monarchy but also the completely transformed existence of the King in the past year. However, what seems to weigh on him the most is the reduction of his personal freedom, especially in terms of expressing opinions on matters close to his heart.

During the opening of Parliament, King Carlos III emphasized his firm intention to continue the kingdom’s traditions and the legacy of Queen Elizabeth, whom he paid tribute to at the beginning of his speech at the Palace of Westminster. The monarch wore the Imperial Crown of State, an object of great importance in the Royal Treasury used in coronations and for the opening ceremony of Parliament.

Carlos insisted that all traditions associated with the event be respected. He traveled to the Palace of Westminster in the Diamond Jubilee Carriage, first used in 2014. Prior to his arrival at Parliament, the basements of Westminster were inspected to prevent a conspiracy similar to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. During his journey, a Member of Parliament was held as a “ceremonial hostage” at Buckingham Palace, a custom dating back to Charles I.

For the ceremony, Princess Anne assumed the prestigious position of Gold Stick in Waiting, accompanying her brother from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster. This image is also a metaphor for the true relationship between Anne and Carlos, who, according to historian Marlene Koenig, have always been very close.

During the ceremony, Prince William was in Singapore participating in the Earthshot Prize 2023 event, while Kate Middleton stayed at home preparing Prince George for his school exams. With Harry and Meghan out of the picture, it is the Prince of Wales who must bear the weight of the Crown alongside Carlos III. In particular, Kate is seen as a key figure in the monarchy.

Carlos’s new existential reality has involved a significant reduction in his personal freedom. According to the British press, this is the change that the King feared the most and to which he has not yet fully adapted. His body language during the ceremony was revealing, according to expert Judi James, who mentioned that unlike Queen Elizabeth’s unflappable expression on such occasions, Carlos’s most private emotions are easy to interpret.