Tragedy in Kharkiv: Russian attack and 281,090 victims!

Tragedy in Kharkiv: Russian attack and 281,090 victims!

On a cold morning of October 6, 2023, a new Russian attack shook Kharkiv, Ukraine. The heart of the city was hit, causing injuries to three citizens. Governor Oleh Syniehubov delivered the news through his Telegram channel. This time, the targeted districts were Kyivskyi and Osnovianskyi, with damaged buildings and cars. Despite requests for further details remaining unanswered, the governor appealed to residents to seek refuge.

Kharkiv Oblast continues to be a target of relentless Russian attacks. Just yesterday, Moscow’s forces struck a grocery store and a bar in the village of Hroza, located 86 kilometers east of Kharkiv, resulting in the deaths of 51 people and injuries to six others, including children.

Kharkiv: the victims

The ten-year-old child tragically found under the rubble in Kharkiv has become one of the symbols of this tragedy. Oleg Synegubov, the regional military leader of Kharkiv, confirmed this terrible news and stated, “A ten-year-old child was found under the rubble, unfortunately, they did not survive. There are 16 injured, including an 11-month-old child. Rescuers are working tirelessly, trying to clear the debris.” “Iskander missiles targeted residential buildings,” he explained.

Furthermore, Russian bombs have hit eight communities in the Sumy region, along the Ukrainian border, resulting in the death of a civilian.

3 drones shot down in Odessa

Throughout the night, the city of Kiev engaged in a determined effort to safeguard the port city of Odessa, successfully intercepting and downing three Shahed-131/136 drones. This crucial defensive action was promptly communicated to the public by the regional governor, Oleh Kiper, who provided updates on the situation.

The backdrop to this aerial clash was the relentless targeting of Odessa’s vital port infrastructure by Russian military forces. The attack, focused on the Izmail district, resulted in significant damage to a grain storage facility and the subsequent ignition of nine trucks in the vicinity. Consequentially the flames and smoke rising from the burning vehicles cast an eerie glow over the area.

And following the attack, emergency teams worked to extinguish the fire, but there is no information on casualties. The city remains on high alert for potential threats.

War claims 281,090 Russian military lives

Russian losses in the ongoing war continue to mount. In just the last day, Russia has lost 620 soldiers, bringing the total losses to 281,090 men since Moscow’s attack on Ukraine on February 24th. These figures come from the daily bulletin of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff, just released on Facebook, although it remains challenging to independently verify such numbers.

According to the Ukrainian military’s report, Russian losses include 4,777 tanks, 9,082 armored vehicles, 6,666 artillery systems, 806 multiple launch rocket systems, 540 anti-aircraft defense systems, 316 aircraft, 316 helicopters, 9,015 automotive equipment, 20 naval units, and 5,158 drones. The bulletin emphasizes that these data are constantly being updated due to intense combat on the ground.