Vatican shocks the world: transgender baptisms approved, homosexual godparents allowed!

Vatican shocks the world: transgender baptisms approved, homosexual godparents allowed!

The Vatican has announced its approval to allow transgender individuals to request and receive the sacrament of baptism. Additionally, the participation of homosexual individuals as godparents and witnesses in weddings held in the church has been authorized, as long as they lead a life in accordance with the faith. These guidelines have been issued by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, under the direction of Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández. These responses are given in response to inquiries made in July 2023 by Bishop José Negri of Santo Amaro in Brazil, who raised questions related to the possible participation of transgender and homosexual individuals in the sacraments of baptism and marriage.

These decisions are based on canon law and, although they may generate controversy, they represent a significant step towards inclusion within the Church. In the case of baptism, it is established that transgender individuals, even if they have undergone hormonal treatments and sex reassignment surgeries, can receive this sacrament under the same conditions as any other faithful, unless there are circumstances that may cause public scandal or confusion among believers. Furthermore, it is mentioned that children and adolescents with diverse gender identities can also receive baptism if they are prepared and willing to do so.

Regarding the possibility of transgender individuals acting as godparents in baptisms, it is specified that this is possible under certain conditions, as long as there is no risk of scandal. It is important to note that this role is not considered an absolute right and must be handled with pastoral prudence.

The statement also addresses the question of homosexual parents or those who have had children through surrogacy. The question raised is whether two homosexual individuals can be listed as parents of a child who must be baptized, whether they have adopted them or conceived them through other methods such as surrogacy. The response from the Dicastery of the Faith establishes that, for a child to be baptized, there must be a well-founded hope that they will be raised in the Catholic religion.

These decisions reflect a more inclusive approach by the Catholic Church towards LGBTQ+ individuals and those who wish to participate in the sacraments. Cardinal Fernández, in endorsing these measures, follows Pope Francis’ call to embrace everyone in the Church, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Vatican’s announcement represents an important step towards inclusion and openness within the Catholic Church, marking a significant change in its approach towards LGBTQ+ individuals and their rights. The guidelines set forth by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith reflect a desire to welcome all individuals, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, and to ensure they have the opportunity to fully participate in the sacraments.