Manhunt for gunman in Maine mass shooting: Robert Card’s deadly rampage

Manhunt for gunman in Maine mass shooting: Robert Card’s deadly rampage
Mass shooting in Maine (Ansa)

The manhunt continues in Maine to find Robert Card, a 40-year-old former military and army reservist who, on the evening of October 25 (U.S. time), armed with an AR-15 rifle, entered a bowling alley and then a restaurant in Lewiston, opening fire and causing 18 deaths and 13 injuries. Among the victims, there was a 14-year-old and his father who were at the bowling alley. This is yet another mass shooting that has reignited the debate on gun control in America, prompting President Joe Biden once again to call on Congress for a ban on assault weapons and stricter controls. “It’s the least we can do for the Americans forced to live with physical and mental scars from this senseless new attack”.

In Maine, there are no background checks or permits required for purchasing firearms, and there is no red flag law in place that would allow a judge to remove access to guns and rifles from individuals deemed dangerous to themselves and others.

The siege at Robert card’s house

During the night, the police and FBI stood outside Robert Card’s house for three hours. At one point, law enforcement shouted, “Come out with your hands up” and “you are under arrest”, but it is unclear if these statements were directed at the wanted man. After some hours, the agents left the area. In the meantime, Lewiston remains a ghost town, with restaurants and establishments closed, and people barricaded in their homes as advised by law enforcement.

The tragedy: the mass shooting

The alarm was raised around seven in the evening when the police received the first call about gunshots fired at the Just-in-Time bowling alley, which, like every Wednesday, was hosting a teen night.

Shortly afterward, dozens of other calls reported a shooting at the Schemengees bar-restaurant. Officers responded quickly, launching a manhunt that has yet to yield any results. In an effort to aid the search, the police released a photo of Card and an image of his white Subaru Outback vehicle.

Initially, the shots were mistaken for a Halloween prank by some witnesses, a perception that quickly dissipated under the repeated gunfire at the bowling alley, where the assailant claimed seven victims, and later at the restaurant, where he fatally shot eight people. Others died later in the hospital.

Who Is Robert Card

Robert Card, a U.S. Army reservist since 2002, recently developed psychiatric issues and was hospitalized last summer after displaying unusual behavior during exercises at West Point. Despite his mental health concerns, he still had access to an AR-15 assault rifle and possibly other firearms, according to law enforcement suspicions. A former army colleague described him as highly skilled in outdoor environments and an excellent marksman. There is a concern that he may possess a police scanner, which could enable him to predict law enforcement movements. Authorities consider him to be a dangerous individual. Card is facing eight charges, corresponding to the number of identified deceased individuals.