Mysterious death of Matthew Perry: what happened in his final hours?

Mysterious death of Matthew Perry: what happened in his final hours?
Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry was already “dead” by the time rescuers arrived after his assistant had pulled his head out of the water while trying to save him. The mystery surrounding the last hours of the beloved Chandler from “Friends,” who drowned in the jacuzzi of his Pacific Palisades villa on Saturday, continues.

The police have opened a preliminary investigation, even looking into homicide and robbery. There are no signs of break-ins or signs of struggle.

From the initial test results, the actor’s death was not caused by a Fentanyl or methamphetamine overdose. Meanwhile, gossip sites are on the hunt for the mysterious friend who was photographed with the actor just hours before his death.

Matthew Perry’s death not caused by Fentanyl or Methamphetamine

Matthew Perry’s death was not caused by a Fentanyl or methamphetamine overdose, at least according to the initial tests. As reported by the gossip site TMZ, more in-depth toxicology tests are still ongoing to analyze if there are any other illegal drugs in his blood and if the levels of prescription medications were at harmful doses. The results should be available in 4-6 months.

In the actor’s home, when his body was discovered, the police did not find any narcotics. However, there were various prescription medications in their containers, including anxiolytics and antidepressants prescribed by a doctor.

The last hours of Matthew Perry: what happened?

The coroner will now take over. It will take weeks, if not months, to reconstruct what happened in the short period of time during which the actor, alone at home after playing pickleball, immersed himself in the tub where he was found unconscious.

A heart attack? The effect of medications that caused him to lose consciousness? A malfunction in the bathtub’s electrical supply? Perry had sent his assistant to run a few errands, and when the assistant returned, it was already too late. “He hadn’t been in the water for very long,” sources told TMZ, a fact that adds more questions to the tragedy: what would have happened if the assistant had returned earlier, or if someone else had been at home with him?

The unknown friend

They are searching for an unknown friend who was “paparazzi’d” with him a few hours before Perry’s death. According to gossip sites, Perry had been seen (and photographed) with an unidentified friend 24 hours before he passed away:”He seemed to be in a good mood and was so engrossed in the conversation that he barely touched his food.”

Two weeks ago, the co-creators of “Friends,” Marta Kauffman and David Crane, had talked to him: “He was doing well, he was in a good mood. It didn’t seem like he had any burdens,” they said on the Today show. “He was in a good place, which is why all of this seems unfair,” they added.